“Matthew Lombart’s singing speaks to the constant yearning of the heart to hear music that is rich, deep, lofty and meaningful. A cross between Elvis Presley and Jim Reeves, his voice, accompanied by guitar, steals one’s attention and draws one into an atmosphere that soothes and calms the soul. It is a marvel that a young man, with such undeniable talent, should remain so committed to wholesome lyrics, but it comes from being true to himself and the values that drive him, and with a recognition that there is still an audience for the gospel/folk/country/love songs that he delights in sharing. Listen to him sing favourites like ‘Give your heart a home’, then decide for yourself. A true talent still yet largely to be discovered by the masses!”

– AlthAndrea White

“In this secular age where God is generally not part of man’s life, it is deeply moving to witness a young person like Matthew, praising and glorifying the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. His warm, baritone/bass voice suits the message he brings across in his singing. For his young age he sings with such maturity and confidence and one is spiritually uplifted every time one listens to his singing. Our best wishes accompany him as he continues using his God given talent of music to minister to the world.”

– Jerome & Josephine Langenhoven

“Matthew is a young man who has a warm and mature tone which betrays his tender age. Staying true to his convictions, musically and spiritually in a world where it would be easier to run with the pack, is a bold and beautiful thing. I hope that as people discover Matthew’s music and the message that it carries, that he will also make great personal discoveries along the way.”

– Jean – Paul “Bluey” from the band Incognito

“The first time I heard Matthew sing, it was while checking him out on youtube. Actually my daughter was listening to a song of his on youtube and I happened to be nearby. I was literally moved to tears listening to him sing. After my daughter left the computer and went to bed, I got on youtube and listened to more of his songs. They bring about so much emotion, his voice just stirs something in your heart. I ordered one of Matthew’s cd’s as soon as it came out and listen to it at work all the time. I get comments from people coming into my office wanting to know if it’s Elvis. He is THAT good!. Matthew is such a kind and genuine young man and it comes through loud and clear in his music. I hope to see him perform in the US someday!”

– Jenny Pratt, USA

“Matthew is a gifted young musician with a lot of promise. I am amazed at the depth and richness of his voice. Unusual talent for someone his age. Matthew has a passion for writing music with lyrics that make you pause and think as he sings in his deep, gentle voice. Best of all–Matthew has figured out how important God is in his young life. With this priority in place, I’m sure God will use him and his music to bless and minister to many.”

– Kandus Thorp, Vice President of the Hope Channel

“I should have thanked Matthew earlier for singing at White Lodge because his performance was really very much appreciated. The staff were stunned that folk who don’t ever join events decided to come, and loved it. One lovely gentleman wept because it opened up memories of his late wife but told me that it had been good for him, whereas the lady, who cried, did not have sad memories, it was purely the nostalgia. Matthew was appreciated for his singing, his gentle manner and his smart appearance so much, that he has been talked about since. Obviously we need to book him again.”

– Jane Lovegrove

“Matthew’s music is inspirational and full of feeling–Elvis feeling. If you liked Elvis, be sure to try Matthew Lombart’s lyrics. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Alice Shumate Crooker

“Matthew Lombart conveys the love and compassion of Christ through his gift of music. Each note played and every note sung resounds with deep, heart-felt sincerity. His inspirational messages in song are expressed with genuine warmth that brings soothing comfort to the listener. He has a tremendous talent that I know we will be hearing more from for many years to come!”

– Christine Sinclair, Gospel Recording Artist

“Matthew Lombart is a young man with a very mature, velvety voice. All his songs are inspirational and remind me of the songs and singers that I particularly liked when growing up. They never fail to move me! I wish him a good career, proclaiming the love of God and Jesus through his songs and testimony.”

– Maritza Vitry Sabatier

“Matthew has a great talent. His voice is very easy to listen to.”

– Brian McMahon – Evangelist USA